#WankWednesday: Plum

For The Erotic Notebook’s #WankWednesday prompt this week, plum, I turned towards one of my favorite things in the world: latex.  The attached image comes from deviantart since I didn’t have a picture of my own skirt to post for your enjoyment.


The light shines off my latex as I walk down the stairs, stuttering steps in the too high heels on my feet.  The usual click is muffled by the soft carpet, barely a swish.  My heart pounds as I reach the bottom step, my mind leaping from one possibility to the next.

My girl’s already in the basement, the suspension ring is up, the rope is out.  It matches my outfit– we picked up special for today.  Next to the rope, she waits, another toy, my favorite toy in fact, in her ready position, kneeling down like she’s been taught.  She knows better than to look up at me without permission.  Not until I gesture her face off the floor with my shoe, does her head move, and I encourage her love, to kiss and caress my feet before she kneels up.

Up from the floor, her curiosity gets the better of her, eyes straying from the floor and raking across my outfit: plum colored latex– a bra, panties, long corset, a shrug.  I finally catch her eyes, disappointed, and she knows she’s in trouble. I had hoped for more, especially today.  My heart sinks a little.  Today was going to be something new.

We have, after all, been through this routine before.  Wordlessly, she stands up, grasps the suspension cuffs and presents herself for discipline.  From the assorted implements on the wall, I pick a thick wooden paddle, narrow enough so she’ll feel it sting.  I give her 20, no sound except the strike of the paddle and her counting each. Except she stutters on 17.  “Commence-encore, salope.”  My words sound almost eerie after so long in silence.  We finally get to 20.  She resumes her position on the floor, her litany of thanks under her breath, breathless, like she were praying her rosary.

She kneels there next to me.  My legs, freshly shaven, soft with lotion, are just inches from her.  All for nothing.  I turn and walk away, leaving her there on the floor, allowing her to ponder her offence.