#WankWednesday: Normal

For #WankWednesday this week,normal:


Myra takes her hand and leads justine out of the pool, laying her body on a nearby lounger.  As Myra removes the strap-on, they kiss, anxious for one another’s breath.

Myra lays down in the chair with her, cuddling, snuggling, the two women sharing their warmth in the still dark morning.  justine curls up, arms across her chest as Myra encircles her with arms and legs.

“I love you, Ma’am.”

“I love you, too, girl.”

* * *

Myra wakes the following morning, still on the lounger, still naked, a towel for a blanket.  A fresh shirt and panties sit on the chair next to her, her clothes from last night already in the laundry.

justine is kneeling next to her Lady, waiting to be acknowledged.

“And how long have you been there?”

“Not long, my Lady.  I didn’t expect you up much earlier than this so I went to get your tea.”

She takes the pot off the warmer and pours a cup, handing it over with the handle out.

“Your tea service is much improved.”

justine remembers having to do it blindfolded, by the feel and weight of each cup.  This is a piece of cake in comparison! “Thank you, Ma’am.”

Myra takes the cup, the towel falling off her breasts as she moves.  justine’s eyes move the slightest bit before she remembers her training.

“Good.  You almost earned yourself a spanking for your impertinence.” She notices the gentle flush in justine’s cheeks.  “Or is that what you wanted?”

justine’s face blushes even more, her eyes darting to the floor.

“Oh, you slut.  Go on then, let me see you.”

justine stands, moving fluidly.  It reminds more than a little of yoga, Myra thinks.  She drops her shift to the ground and bends over a nearby table, legs spread, to let Myra inspect her.

Standing up, and shedding her towel completely, she cups justine’s round ass, slips a finger in her pussy.

“Oh, that is what you wanted.”

Keeping a finger in her pussy, she smacks justine on the ass, hard enough to be serious, and justine gets even more wet.

Myra stuffs two more fingers in, stretching her wet pussy, swollen lips glistening with the juices of her sex, and continues to spank, left, then right, then left again, on and on, over and over.

“Is that-”


“what you-”







“yes, oh God, my Lady, yes.”  justine can barely control herself, squirming on Myra’s fingers, arching her body to put her ass out at the best angle.




“my dirty-”




“pain slut?”


“I am!”


She starts rubbing justine’s red ass and leans in to whisper in her ear.  “That’s right.”


“All mine!”


justine loses herself and writhes up and down on Myra’s fingers…


and starts cumming


and cumming


and cumming.

“Oh god, my Lady, please yes, please don’t stop, please Ma’am, may I cum again?”  It’s already running down her leg as Myra strokes her fingers into justine’s pussy and pulls back quickly.

“Of course you may.  But only if you scream.”

From across the grounds, edward, at his chores in the kitchen, hears justine howling with ecstasy.

justine drops to the ground and licks her cum off Myra’s fingers, lapping and licking meticulously, making sure to get every last drop from her Mistress’s hand.

Myra takes her by the hair and pulls her head close.  “That’s not all the cum you’ll be licking up today.”

As she starts licking her Lady’s pussy, her clit starts throbbing again, anxious for more.

“May I, Ma’am?”


“Touch myself while I eat you?”

“Oh, you little slut.”  Just a normal Monday.